Introduction to the research on Isodynamic® :

The empirical fourfold (tetradic) Bujatti Isodynamic® Algorithm in the personal persuit of luck, happyness and bliss was first described  experimentally by the Serotonin metabolism. Theoretically a further foundation was laid as  “Rest and Fulfilment Response” by Bujatti and Riederer  (1976 ). The Algorithm was introduced there  as 1.the   homeostatic (selfperceiving)-2. selforganising (selfaccepting) –3.tendency (selfexpressing) 4. of the living system (selfexpanding).

Overview to the Unified Theory of Life:

The evolutionary framework for the Isodynamic® algorithm, expanding Darwinism, was finally provided by the research project on the “Phylogenetic and Ontogenetic Creativity Evolution form a Chemical,  Physical and Human Biological Perspective”. It  lead to a Unified Theory of Life (1987) with a research grant from the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research. Supervised by Univ. Prof Dr, Horst. Seidler , Univ. of Vienna,  Institute of Human Biology. (Project 49.403/1-24/84).

Serotonin, Noradrenaline, Dopamine Metabolites in Transcendental Meditation– Technique (Bujatti, M; Riederer. P (1976); Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neurochemistry Prof. Dr. W. Birkmayer: Journal of Neural Transmission 39, 257-267) Lesen…. PDF Format

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Litoraltheorie der Hominisation (Bujatti,M (1991): Agemus Nachrichten, Sonderdruck aus Agemus 26 / Dezember 1991); Lesen…. PDF Format

The Littoral Theory of Hominisation (engl.) (Bujatti,M (1991): Agemus Nachrichten, Sonderdruck aus Agemus 26 / Dezember 1991); Read…. PDF Format

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Diving reflex & human origins (Bujatti, M; Chance, M in „The Ascap Newsletter“  Vol 6, No. 9, 1993) Lesen…. PDF Format

Weitere Abstracts:

Fourth World Congress of Biological Psychiatry, Philadelphia (1985):

1) 5-HAT, Da, NA Metabolism and General Instinct Behavior Rest and Fulfillment-RF– Mechanism for Terminal Reward   Lesen…. PDF Format

2) Monoamnies in Rest and Fulfilment and a Distinct Behavior (D-Drive) Deprivation Theory of Depression Psychiatric Mental Disorder and Prevention Lesen…. PDF Format

Neanderthal Extinction Scheme and Complex Tectiform Geometric Proto-Writing in Atamira, La Pasiega, and El Castillo Caves are Decoded as 3 Ice Age Global Sea Gyri and Coast Navigation Maps all 3 Showing a Central Atlantic Island of an Itegrative Magdalenian Azores Plateau (MAP-) Culture of Cro Magnon Constrained by a Neanderthal Extinction (Bullman-Minotaurus– Bullfight) Eliminative Cult. Littoral Theory of Hominid Evolution, Tectural Phase (Bujatti-Narbeshuber, M in Collegium Antropologicum Vol. 26, August 2002) Lesen…. PDF Format

International Anthropological Congress, Praha (2003):

Integrated Anthropology Predicts Isodynamic Society (Littoral Theory of Hominid Evolution, Isodynamic Phase, LXI,) (Bujatti-Narbeshuber, M) Lesen…. PDF Format

Unified Theory of Life  (Bujatti-Narbeshuber, M)

Volume 1 Lesen…. PDF Format

Volume 2 Lesen…. PDF Format

Volume 3 Lesen…. PDF Format

Volume 4 (4. Hauptsatz der Thermodynamik und Litoraltheorie Übersetzung)

Lesen…. Word Format

Lesen…. Word Format

Unified Transition Theorie of Psychotherapie and Spirituality

Lesen…. Word Format